Stop investing with uncertainty!
Welcome to safe token investment platform — Hike Pad
Unlike other investment platform, Hike Pad provides collaterals
to let investors invest in crypto projects safely.
About Hike Pad
Hike Pad is the LaunchPad platform created by Hillstone Finance.

By participating in crypto projects selected by investment experts as initial investors,
investors would be able to make stable income.

The fast transfer of fund facilitates a project’s success,
thus allowing users to take their investment back quickly and efficiently.

Hike Pad is designed for the development of Hillstone Finance
ecosystem and the token economy of HSF.
Main Features of Hike Pad
Hike Pad considers the safety of our investors as the first priority.
We provide HSF to investors as the collateral, which can be used
to minimize loss when a project or a product fails to generate returns.
Hike Pad provides HSF as the collateral to all investment. Investors will
receive HSF equivalent to the expected income of the invested product.
Investors will be selected according to their staked amount of HSF.
More HSF you have in your wallet, more chance you get to be selected as
the investor. Users who fail to get selected will have their investment refunded.
Hike Pad Investment Process
Users must have HSF in their wallet in order to invest in Hike Pad.
Holders will be automatically verified after connecting the wallet to Hike Pad.
Verified users can use HETH to invest in projects listed on Hike Pad.
The probability of being a selected investor depends on the amount of HSF in your wallet.
Users get to select which token type to receive at the end of investment.
In order to receive the income, the amount of HSF in a user’s wallet cannot be less than the amount they previously had before the investment.
Hike Pad Staking
The variety in investment product
Stake various type of token through Hike Staking
High return
Hike Staking provides a staking pool for blockchain
projects with1~10% monthly interest on average.
Customized investment product
Hike Staking provides two types of products:
terminable product and interminable product
How to verify my HSF in my wallet?
You will be verified automatically after connecting your Matamask wallet. You can verify with either ERC-20 or BEP-20 network.
What is the probability to be selected as an investor?
We classify holders into three categories: users who hold between 1~9 HSF, 10~19HSF and more than 20 HSF. Users who hold more than 20 HSF have the highest probability to get selected.
What will happen after the investment?
Users will be give 3 hours to decide which token type to receive (HSF or the participated project token). Users will receive the project token by default if they do not choose any token type.
What is HETH?
HETH is the investment token used in Hike Pad; users must convert ETH to HETH in order to invest in products. ETH and HETH can be converted anytime.
Is there any requirements for participating in staking?
There is no such requirements. Everyone can participate in staking.